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Servers for Kinetic Modpacks and servers for third-party Modpacks.

Kinetic Server Hosting

That's right, we run a server hosting company! We offer high quality, low cost hosting options for games and tools like Minecraft and Discord.

Welcome to Kinetic

The Kinetic Network has been operating for the past 6 years, offering servers for our custom Kinetic Modpacks. We have a wide range of servers to choose from. With more than 6 servers, and many more packs constantly in the works, we are certain you'll find something that strikes your interest. From the magic and mythical, to the mechanical and steampunk-y, and even all the way to high-tech space and back, we a pack for just about everything!

So, why not check out our Modpacks? Our packs and servers are, as always, open to explore!

Kinetic Community

Join our amazing community over on our Socials and Discord. Kinetic is a very community driven network. With an active and friendly playerbase, and approachable staff members, we thrive together. Come say hello! We're sure you'll love our community as much as we do.

The Future of Kinetic

Want to see what we're working on? Come join our Beta Network and start playing around with upcoming Modpacks and servers.

Join our Beta Network Discord to see our upcoming releases!

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Kinetic has been hosting Minecraft servers for the past six years.




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