Retiring Network Ranks

Retiring Network Ranks

Feb 06, 2023

This week we're doing a full overhaul of our web store. This includes a fancy new look, and changes to our rank system. With these changes, we're going to be retiring our Network/Global ranks. More info on their replacement will be posting later this week. If you own one of these ranks before Feb 15th (The date we're stopping selling them). You'll still get perks on all our current and upcoming modded servers, there will be no change. They're just being retired from being sold.

To say goodbye to our Network Ranks we're doing a 25% flash sale this week. So if you want to grab one of these ranks before they're gone, now is the time.

I'm sure some of you will have questions, so our team will be on hand on our Discord. I've also posted an FAQ here.

Will my Global/Network Rank be removed on the 15th? No. For everyone who already owns the rank, things will stay the same. No changes. The rank will still apply on upcoming modded servers.

Can I move my Network/Global rank to the new system when it comes out? We're unsure at the moment. We'll post more info about that when we talk about the changes. There mostly wont be any point in moving, as we plan for Global/Network ranks to have similar perks.





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